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Свещ. Андрю Лаут

Написана от Борис Маринов

Fr Andrew_Louth-2

Свещеник на Московска Патриаршия, историк на Църквата и патролог


11 ноември 1944 г.


B.A.: Cambridge 1965 (First class, Part I Mathematical Tripos; First Class, part II Theological Tripos; II.i, Part III [Philosophy of Religion], Theological Tripos, in 1966)

M.Th.: Edinburgh (с магистърска теза The Doctrine of the Knowability of God in the theology of Karl Barth)

M.A.: Cambridge, 1969 (and, by incorporation at Oxford, 1970)

D.D.: Oxford, 1991


Final Honour School of Theology, Oxford: 1986-1988


M.A. at the University of Durham (до заемането на преподавателска позиция)

M.Litt. at Heythrop (University of London), Australian College of Theology, NSW

MA in Late Antiquity, University of Swansea, 2004-

D. Phil./Ph. D. at Universities of Oxford (for Faculties of both Theology and Literae Humaniores), Cambridge, Edinburgh, Heythrop (University of London), Trinity College Dublin, Catholic University of Australia, Universities of Queensland and Perth, Australia, Leeds, Reading, Manchester, King’s College London, Central European University in Budapest, École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris, St Andrew’s


2003 г., Durham, England


Московска Патриаршия, Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Diocese of Sourozh

Преподавателско поприще:

University of Oxford: Fellow and Tutor in Theology, Worcester College, Oxford: 1970-1985 (and Chaplain, 1970-1984)

University Lecturer (CUF) in Theology, University of Oxford: 1971-1985

Goldsmiths’ College, University of London:Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies: 1985-1989; Reader in Religious Studies: 1989-1991; Professor of Cultural History: 1992-1995

University of Durham:Reader in Patristics, 1996-


Раннохристиянско богословие


Византийска и средновековна история

История на руското и румънското богословие

Академични и други организации:

University of Durham: Tutor for Post-Graduate Admissions (1996-1999); Chairman of the Board of Studies in Theology (1999-2002); Secretary to the Board of Studies in Theology (2002-)

Goldsmiths’ College:Chairman of Departmental Sub-Board of Examiners (1993, 1994); Head of Department of Historical and Cultural Studies (1990-1995)

University of Durham: Board of Studies of Theology; Postgraduate Committee; Riddell Memorial Lectures Committee

Goldsmiths’ College: Faculty of Arts Board (1985-1995); Faculty of Arts Board Standing Committee (1985-1987; 1990-1995); Academic Board (1985-1988; 1990-1995); Personal Chairs and Readerships Committee (1993-1995); Honorary Fellowships Committee (1993-1995); Warden’s Advisory Group (1994-1995); Board of Studies of History, and Board of Studies of Theology (до 1994 г.); Special Advisory Committee on Interdisciplinary degrees (1989-1993); Meeting (informal) of Heads of Departments of History (1990-1995); Subject Area Board for the Humanities (1994-1995); Intercollegiate Library Committee (for Byzantine Studies) (1994-1995)

Association Internationale d’Études Patristiques (on national committee 1994-1998)

Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

Ecclesiastical History Society

London Society for the Study of Religion

Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

Fellow of Society of Antiquaries (2001-)

M. B. Reckitt Christendom Trust (1971-1998)

Член на комитета, свикан от Архиепископа на Тиатира и Великобритания за авторизиран превод на английски език на последованието на Православната литургия

Редакторска работа:

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Blackwell Encyclopedia of Early Christian Thought, ed. by A. McGrath and L. Ayres – Редактор-консултант

Dialogos: Hellenic Studies Review Член на редакционния съвет

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OUP, CUP, “T. & T. Clark”, “Routledge”, DLT, “Mowbrays”, “Yale University Press”, “Blackwells” – Сътрудник по разчитане на ръкописи

Списание Sobornost – Редактор



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В чест на свещ. Андрю Лаут:

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